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About us

Attic and Barn's Story:

Our business was born of our true love for vintage and history and we knew what we love and collect others must also. Just as we look for additions to our own collections that will bring us smiles and fond memories we felt the need to share that with others. 

Some collect sports memorabilia to remind them of their childhood spent with family and friends, trips to the ballpark and games hard won. Others prefer to surround themselves with keepsakes and mementos that bring back memories of grandparents and gentler times. Many want vintage for the sturdiness, quality and green living provided by purchasing vintage products while others collect for the historical significance of certain pieces. The collection and use of vintage and antique items has become a way of life for many. Whatever your reason or desire we are here to help and are happy to supply you with an array of true, authentic vintage.

We are happy to say that the majority of our customers have become friends and as close as family to us. That is what drives us and makes it sooooo much fun! Rest assured we will treat you and your purchases as we would want to be treated ourselves. YOU are number one!

About Us:

I was born and raised in rural Florida and had instilled in me a love of the rustic and of things from the past with many fond memories of family residences in the Carolina's. This beginning was the start of my love of vintage and antique items of all kinds. Now, married to a wonderful man and picking partner we enjoy the time spent traveling the surrounding counties in search of forgotten things from the past. As we pick and poke about it thrills us to find unusual and unique items as well as the everyday things ~ it all has a story. Oh, how I wish the things we find could speak!

It is our pleasure to bring you the items you see in our shop. I hope you find something special that brings you fond memories and speaks to your heart. Vintage is FUN! Vintage is your memories and past brought to life.

Wishing you happy memories!

Dot and Joe


Store Details and Facts:

Established in 2005 and online to serve you since July 12, 2012.

Our sales include items supplied to movie and series shows such as The Americans, prop houses in both New York and California as well as well known personalities and one of the Woody Woodpecker artists. It's a FUN life!

Our shop and the items contained within are located on the Gulf Coast in Pasco County, West Central Florida.