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Antique Keep Safe Spice Rack Wall Stash Decor - Attic and Barn Treasures

Antique Keep Safe Spice Rack Wall Stash Decor

$ 35.00

Interesting antique folk art keep safe that would have hung on the kitchen wall and made to resemble a holder for salt, pepper and spices. The three pieces in front are constructed to simulate drawer fronts.When the piece is taken off the wall (please see photos) you see three compartments for hiding keys, money or what have you. These cubbyholes cannot be accessed from the front. 

Condition - some cracking in the varnish due to age and two strips of a felt type material was applied to the bottom at some point after construction. 

Measurements: 10-3/4" tall x 6-1/2" wide x 3-7/8" deep.

Makes for an interesting wall piece for the rustic kitchen in your home. 

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