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Antique Tobacco Premium Flags and Feed Sack Quilt Top - Attic and Barn Treasures

Antique Tobacco Premium Flags and Feed Sack Quilt Top

$ 75.00

Authentic antique machine sewn quilt top made from tobacco flannel flags (premiums) and edged with feed sack. This quilt top would be extraordinary framed and hung to display either in your home or as part of a mercantile store. Please enjoy reading the details of this item below.

The tobacco flannels are of various country flags. The U.S. flag shown in the flannels contains 41 stars. Along with the flags are flannels of butterflies and geometric shapes.

The feed sack edging reads Park & Polland Lay or Bust Dry Mash Imperial 100lbs net when packed est. 1842.

Your purchase is for the quilt top shown in the attached photos and described within this listing.

~ Measurements: Overall size is approximately 75” x 71.5”. Tobacco flannels range in size from 4-½” x 6-¼” to 5” x 7-½”. The feed sack edging (or binding if you will) is approximately 7-½” wide on each side.

~ Composition/Materials: quilt squares are made up of tobacco flannels which were premiums that came with the purchase of tobacco. These are of a lightweight flannel feel. The feed sack is not of the rough feed sack one thinks of today but of a softer fabric feel (similar to brushed cotton).

~ Background Information: This item came to us from the estate of a decendent to Harrison Southworth. While we cannot know to whom this belonged exactly we are positive of it’s lineage. It was common practice to keep and re-use/re-purpose many items that we would just toss away today. A good many packaging items (such as feed sacks) were made in a way that encouraged re-use. Metal tins would be another example - and why they are still found today. Back to the quilt - tobacco flannels and feed sacks were reused for many household and clothing items. I’m sure you have heard of feed sack dresses and aprons. This harkens back to a day where re-use and re-purpose was as everyday and practical as breathing and eating. 

Condition: This item is antique and therefore has certain condition issues. First of which is knowing it was not always stored properly BUT it is also over 100 years old and we believe has traveled a great deal during it’s lifetime. We (with the help of the estate) have estimated the period between 1860’s and 1900. There is staining and a few holes - fortunately these are contained mostly on one side of the quilt (shown in photos). There is some fading throughout as would be expected. Some flannels show original colors on the reverse side which leads us to believe this was either used as it (a light blanket) or hung for display. We believe the former.

Should you choose to display this framed or on a quilt rod it is easily displayed without the staining and holes being seen. It is also possible that the staining may be removed by cleaning.

We have not attempted to launder this item as we prefer to leave it to the end user to clean or not as they see fit. While our home is smoke free we cannot attest to the keeping and storage of items prior to arrival in our hands.

Please contact us with any questions prior to purchase. We do our best to describe the items as accurately as possible and to present photos to give you a good representation of the item.


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