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Vintage Pickering XV-15 DCF Stylus Cartridge Assembly - Attic and Barn Treasures

Vintage Pickering XV-15 DCF Stylus Cartridge Assembly

$ 85.00

What is more important than the record you are about to spin? The sound you can get from it! Pickering is a well known name in the stereo business and if you are in need of one of these jewels good luck finding one! Oh wait - we have one here!

This listing is for the entire Pickering assembly as you see it listed. All photos show the same assembly in different "poses" if you will. See below for more details! 



Original box (see last photo) marked Pickering XV-15/400E DCF series (dynamic coupling factor). The complete contents of the box are shown in the first photo. You will receive all items shown. 

This comes to you as found and shown in the photos from the estate of a serious collector. While we are music enthusiasts we are not stereo aficionados so we have no knowledge of this type of assembly nor do we (unfortunately!) have a turntable to try it on. 



Part # 2917590 is marked on the off side of the assembly. The following information was copied from a stereo website and we believe pertains to this assembly:

DCF℠ 400 type AME
Manual turntables , Automatic Transcription Turntables, Light Tracking Automatics
An elliptical stsylus cartridge with a DCf of 400 is designed to be used with the finest playbak equipment. It's extreme low mass and elliptical stylus will track the wildest grooves - not only test  records, but your favorite music records will sound much cleaner and more open than ever before.
Nominal Output:  4.0 mV
Channel Separation:  35 dB
Tracking Force: ¾ to 1½ grams
Frequency Response:  10 to 30,000 cps
Stylus Type:  Elliptical .0002" x .0009"

Your purchase will include the item as shown in the photos. Any props used in the photos are not included.

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